About Us

Jacques Kavafian created Fresh Burger in 2013 after a 30-year career on Bay Street. During his days in the financial industry, Jacques travelled the world and discovered that the best food, anywhere in the world, could be found in restaurants that had a limited menu. Burger being one of his favourite foods, was particularly frustrating to him, because despite his hometown of Toronto being the Mecca for burgers, no one served a good old fashioned fresh hamburger. People are trying too hard to be different, he thought. There is too much “mumbo jumbo” he says, a term he loved to use when describing the Toronto burger scene. When he decided to retire from the grind (pun intended) of daily finance, he wanted to create a small hamburger restaurant near his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario, that would serve a classic burger; a burger That Tastes Good Like a Hamburger Should!®

Fresh Burger was born on Leslie Street near 16th Avenue in Richmond Hill, Ontario on September 3, 2013 and it was an instant success. This was quickly followed on November 28, 2014 by the second store at 542 Church Street, in downtown Toronto. The Richmond Hill store was expanded to double its original size on February 20, 2016. A third store opens in Vaughan in January 2018.

The Fresh Burger promise is to serve the best burger at the lowest price possible, every day. Jacques says his burgers are not gimmicky. Just a regular burger using the highest-grade meat available in the market and make every burger the best a customer has had. That is why Fresh Burger is now known as the PREMIER BURGER BRAND in the Greater Toronto Area.

Fresh Burger is popular not only with customers but also with franchisees. The limited menu offers franchisees operational simplicity. Limited menu = low operating costs and, as a bonus, a relatively easy operation.

At Fresh Burger we walk the “Fresh” talk. With us Fresh is not only an overused buzzword like at most companies who emphasize efficiency before anything else. Fresh means fresh meat, fresh vegetables and fresh bread. There are no freezers in any of the Fresh Burger locations.

Our promise to customers and partners is that WE WILL ONLY MAKE CHANGES IF THOSE CHANGES MAKE OUR PRODUCT BETTER. If we discover that any of our partners emphasize efficiency before quality, they will not remain our partners for long. For as long as Fresh Burger exists, we promise to serve the best burgers and fries in the market at every day low prices every single time.